Comedy is one of the most challenging careers in show business. From having to find where to perform to deal with critics even if you’re starting, there’s a lot of stress that many people aren’t prepared for. 

Instead of floundering and hoping that you’ll eventually make it big, here are the top ways to promote yourself.

Perform Often

Do your best to perform live as often as possible.  If you can perform two to three times a week, that gives you experience, gets more eyes on you, and helps you practice your delivery.  The more comfortable you get on the stage, the more likely you’ll be to let go and have fun.  Nervousness is evident when you’re on stage, and people may laugh for reasons you don’t want them to. Even if your jokes are still being worked on, faith can make you ahead of the rest of the crowd.

Use Social Media Well

Your Twitter shouldn’t be wasted on you mentioning how much you love a restaurant or how well you slept the night before: unless you can make it hilarious.  You should make every tweet, Instagram photo, or Facebook post to make someone laugh and want to send your posts to other people.

There are thousands upon thousands of comedians out there, each with their style and sense of humor.  This extensive selection may cause burnout in some people, to the point that they don’t want to put the time into finding a new comedian unless the recommendation comes from someone they know.  Inspire your fans into sharing your humor with others through word of mouth with a handful of relatable or quotable jokes.

Have a Predictable Schedule Online

If people know when and where to find your comedy, they’ll be more likely to come back for more.  A schedule ensures that you take posting seriously and gives you a timed reason to come up with more content.  On top of this, when people know what to expect and when to expect it, they’re less likely to unfollow and more likely to see you as a part of their daily life.

Although it’s okay if you miss it once or twice, sticking to a schedule can help ensure people want to come back and see more.

Figure Out Your Gimmick

Your gimmick doesn’t have to be something wild and new you’re inexperienced with.  Think about what sets you apart from everyone else and what would define you if someone tried to describe your show to someone else.  Have you previously worked in the medical field and used your humor to lighten up those memories?  Do you love using props and have a creative way of putting them to use?

Whatever differentiates you from the crowd: lean into it.  As long as you surprise the group into laughter, your gimmick will set you apart and make you memorable.

Source:fringe mag

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